Mrs. Tammy De Armas
Tammy De Armas
Position: Chief Executive Officer

Tammy De Armas joined the staff in July of 2010 as Chief Operating Officer.  In February 2011 she became Chief Executive Officer.  She has a BS in Marketing with a minor in Spanish and is currently taking classes at Talbot Seminary.  She became involved with Alternatives because abortion is an evil battlefield that she fell upon personally.  She wanted to be part of a provision for women who are contemplating this choice and to help them make the most informed decision they can.  It is her passion to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves--the preborn.

Cana Aeschbacher
Cana Aeschbacher
Position: Chief Operating Officer

Cana joined the AWC staff in May of 2013 as Office and Ministry Partner Coordinator after working 13 years in the construction industry.  In February of 2015 she became Chief Operating Officer.  During a sabbatical, it was her prayer that God would open the door to where He wanted her to serve.  She is pleased to partner with AWC as she works with the staff and ministry partners to protect the life of the preborn in order to ultimately point others to the eternal life found only in Jesus Christ.

Mrs. Karen Plevyak, RN, CLE
Karen Plevyak, RN, CLE
Position: Nurse Manager

Karen became a volunteer at Alternatives in October of 2000 when she moved to the area and wanted to help in the pro-life movement.  She joined the staff as Nurse Manager in May of 2002.  Karen has a Nursing Degree with specialties in Lactation Education and Critical Care Nursing.  She has had a heart for the preborn for 35 years, working for various resource centers in Texas and San Diego.  She feels it is a blessing to serve mothers in crisis and share with them the truth of life in the womb and in Christ.

Mrs. Deb Winkle
Deb Winkle
Position: Financial Administrator

Deb joined the staff in November 2005 as Accounts Payable, Donor Management & Facilities Coordinator.  Her training was in Business Administration, Accounting, and Computer Software.  Deb was looking for a place to serve after working for the phone company for 30 years in Computer Operations and Accounting. The Lord touched her heart to love on abused, abandoned, and pre-born children.

Juana Jackson
Juana Jackson
Position: Front Office Coordinator

Juana began at Alternatives as a volunteer in October of 2013 and then joined the staff in April 2014.  She has a B.F.A. Degree in Interior Architecture and a Ministry Certification from Escondido Bible College.  Juana is passionate about encouraging others and sharing the love and compassion of Jesus Christ with those who are hurting, oppressed and in crisis, especially women.  She longs to see lives restored and made whole in mind, body and spirit.

Mrs. Holly Heimbigner, RN
Holly Heimbigner, RN
Position: Charge Nurse

Holly joined the nursing staff in November 2007.  She has a B.S. Degree in Nursing.  When God directed Holly to Alternatives, she found the organization to be a place of acceptance (rather than judgment), love, help, focused on leading the clients towards a life of freedom in Christ.  She loves that she has the opportunity to help women be empowered to make an informed choice and to help as well with healing.

Kimberly Parker, RN
Kimberly Parker, RN
Position: Mobile Clinic Charge Nurse

Kimberly joined the staff in June of 2015.   She has an Associates Degree in Nursing.  As an RN Kim worked in labor and delivery, nursery, and postpartum care.  Kim has always had a passion for Women's Health.  At a young age she was introduced to AWC, and it has been on her heart to be a part of this ministry for a long time. Kim looks forward to using her experience to serve the surrounding community on the Mobile Clinic. 

Mrs. Ruth Fitzpatrick
Ruth Fitzpatrick, RN
Position: Registered Nurse

Ruth joined Alternatives in March of 2014.  She holds an Associate's Degree in Nursing and has worked at Scripps La Jolla on the Mother Baby/Post-Partum Unit.  Ruth became interested in Alternatives when Karen Plevyak spoke at her church and described the role of the mobile clinic nurse as one who both counsels and cares for the patient medically.  Ruth was hooked as she has an extensive counseling background and loved the idea of helping the patient both physically and spiritually.

Mrs. Joy Maxhelaku
Joy Maxhelaku, RN
Position: Registered Nurse

Joy started working at Alternatives in February of 2017. She had previously worked at Ramona Pregnancy Clinic as Nurse Sonographer, and then as the Nurse Manager. She received her nursing degree in 2014 at Grossmont College of Nursing, and then in 2016 received her BSN from Grand Canyon University. Joy has always had a passion for working with pregnant women, and working at Alternatives fulfills a long held dream to serve women in crisis.

Josue Leon, MD
Position: Medical Director